No need to fly solo ...



Have you become inundated with client projects and cannot figure out how you are going to be able to meet deadlines?


Have you taken on a project with certain elements that are out of your wheelhouse of expertise?

Take a deep breath and exhale ... We can help! 

Butterfly Rising Productions, LLC offers a “Partnership Program” to assist other companies and organizations in serving their clients.  



How It Works


You maintain your existing client relationships and billing. I act as a contracted employee of your company or organization to serve on a designated project via your business name.  As a partner, you are my client and I work for you to serve the best interest of your client.

Once a project has been contracted through you and assigned to me, I will make contact with your client to confirm project details and begin working. Keep in mind that while working for you, I am solely representing YOUR business not mine.

When interacting with your client, I use a generic email address and answer the phone using my first name. Both the email address and cell phone are provided by me at no cost to you. 

Throughout the process I will maintain contact with you via phone and emails while working on an assigned project. You will be kept abreast of client communications and progress. You also have the option of my submitting completed work for your approval prior to forwarding it to your client.


Rates and Billing 

After you have had an initial consultation with your client to determine the project details, I can provide you with an estimate of my hours for completion.

Upon completion, I will invoice you for my services at a discounted hourly rate of 10%, which allows you to add a slight upcharge (if you choose). Your client is to be billed directly from your company or organization.  



Who are the Clients in our Partnership Program?

If I were to tell you, then it wouldn't be confidential would it. :)


               Benefits of the

         "Partnership Program"


  • Create additional revenue stream


  • Offer more services and added value for your clients


  • Opportunity to expand your client base


  • Receive quality services with high standards at a reasonable price 


  • Dependable service so you can meet deadlines 


  • Professional interaction with your clients that makes you shine in the spotlight


  • Peace of mind - a contract agreement for each project that outlines the price and services you can expect to receive 


For more information or if you would like to join our

"Partnership Program"

 use the form below or email me directly at 

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