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Walking Through Darkness

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“When darkness falls and a safe passage cannot be seen with the mere human eye, surround yourself with those highly skilled in how to traverse the night.” -IronButterfly Wisdom

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As there is day to night, there is light to dark and mountains to valleys. There is a beckoning call to us to journey because we are travelers on this earth. Therefore, we need to learn how to walk through both the mountains and the valleys and the light and the dark. To traverse and find our way through the seen (physical realm) and unseen (spiritual realm).

As we experience difficult, challenging times and what may feel like are dark days, remember this. Even in a full eclipse – what seems night is still day and the sun is still shining bright even though we are not able to see it with our eyes.

It all has purpose . . .

To every “thing” that exists in the universe there is a counter “thing.” One does not exist without the other. For example, if there was not down, then up could not be. If there were not bad times, how could we recognize good? Life’s innumerable choices and seemingly opposing forces actually serve to create a balance.

Us human creatures so intently relish our peace, comfort and joy. We try to run, deny, ignore, shift blame and do anything to avoid having to deal with what we perceive as being uncomfortable, difficult or painful.

We try to ignore our pain, shove it down and shut it up - drown it out with drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, career and other distractions. We work so hard at trying to silence that unhappy inner voice even though it is actually saying to us “Hey, I need you to pay attention, because I am trying to show you something of great importance. There is something here you need to heal."

The very avoidance of dealing with our inner turmoil and conflict only leaves those wounds to fester. Though we may think if we can’t hear the screams of our soul crying out, then we are okay. Yet, we are only deluding ourselves into a false sense of security and peace that will surface as chaos down the road.

Just as a tourniquet applied to survive a serious wound to keep us from bleeding out, if left on too long we will lose the limb. The same goes for our internal emotional wounds and trauma. When we attempt to deny our pain, cover it or ignore that we are bleeding out – ultimately it results in seriously damaged pieces of “self.”

Those buried wounds will present in more identifiable aspects of “self” such as insecurity, jealousy, self-doubt, sadness, depression, anger, anxiety, fear, sickness, pride, ego driven, need to control others, abuse of others and the list goes on.

Bottom line, if we don’t tend to our own wounds and what has hurt us, our broken pieces and sharp edges end up cutting others and hurting them. Just as we humans try to avoid pain, we also tend to fear darkness. Understand, that though all evil dwells in darkness, darkness in of itself is not wrong nor evil. That would be the same as saying day is good and night is bad. Dark is simply in juxtaposition to light. Just as valleys are not wrong nor evil in comparison to mountains – it is simply what exists in contrast.

Light and dark both serve an equal purpose in our human learning journey and soul quest for knowledge, truth and greater understanding.

We need to learn not only how to walk in the light of joy, but how to also traverse and find safe passage through the challenges in darkness when we can’t see the light of day. Those are the times we will have to walk by faith and not by sight.

These things as humans hold true:


YOU have a SOUL

YOU have a MIND

YOU live in a BODY

YOU are part of the ANIMAL KINGDOM

YOU are interwoven and interconnected with NATURE

YOU are divinely CREATED

We cannot live separate from what we are a part of and be whole. So, respect and tend to all these parts of you with loving care.

Regardless of strength, intelligence or ability, no one gets through this life unbroken or unwounded in mind, body, spirit and soul. When we consciously acknowledge and recognize our own pain, struggle, brokenness and trauma, it does not mean we are weak – it means we are human. Moreover, it takes great courage and strength to recognize and face those dark places and shadows of self instead of running from them.

Each of us has a part to play and a job to do in our own healing journey to become whole. And, divine intervention does not occur without human interaction. Understand, no person actually heals you – healers, wise council and the like, can only lead you in the direction of healing yourself. YOU have to be willing to receive and do the neccesary work.

Even God will not override your "free will" or do the work for you, only with you. How will we learn, grow and gain knowledge if everything is just handed to us. Even Jesus never just healed anyone – He "always" first asked "Do you want to be healed, to walk, to see?" If someone is not willing to participate in their own growth and healing, there is no amount of want that will make it just happen.

We must consciously “choose” and be a “willing” participant in our own healing - to take the journey to keep walking forward or not. If we make no conscious choice to evolve from our current state, the default is to stay stuck in brokenness.

Our feet may be moving, but our “self” will stay on repeat of dysfunctional and toxic cycles that will continue to replay throughout our entire life. Different faces and places, but the same theme of failed relationships, abandonment, abuse, sadness, insecurities depression and on it goes over and over again. It is never-ending until we choose a new beginning.

What have you chosen?

So many of us are perplexed as to why our life is not what we hoped for or want it to be. Ongoing fleeting moments of peace and happiness as we keep chasing the wind and end up in the same place. We will not and cannot truly move forward until we have learned what our struggle and pain came to teach us. And, then, willingly make the effort to transform from what we were (broken) to what we are meant to be (whole).

There will always be those among us, seen and unseen, that are here to try to break us. And, there will always be those among us, seen and unseen, who are here to help us heal what has been wounded and broken. Look for the light, the helpers and healers.

There will also be those among us who have become so comfortable in darkness, chaos and suffering, that they do not even know how to embrace the light or enjoy peace. So, they continue to create chaos, suffering and engage (pull in) those around them. If this is you, know when to ask for help.

If this is someone you are connected to, know when to walk away from those who continually choose to stay in this cycle of darkness. You cannot ever help anyone who refuses to take responsibility for their own role in suffering – for their own actions, inactions, thoughts and words and unwilling to change it.

Isn’t it time to stop running from the dark and our shadow self???

Take a stand and fight for YOU!

Struggle, pain and brokenness is actually opportunity. An opportunity for growth, change and the ability to RiseUP to greater heights. Mountains start at the bottom and end at the top. Instead of hiding, running in fear, ignoring or denying those shadows in the dark that have been following you for years - turn around, face it with courage and ask “What have you come to teach me?”

We cannot use the same mindset, skills, reasoning and knowledge to fix what broke us in the first place. We must add the tools we are missing and develop our skills in how to use them. Seek those who are highly skilled in knowing how to traverse the darkness and can safely lead you through it (the seen and unseen).

There are spiritual/intuitive coaches, mentors and advisors, clergy, ministers, priests and licensed counselors who can help you add the tools and develop the necessary skills. Choose wisely though, there are poor mechanics in every trade. Not everyone who holds a title or professes to be skilled is actually proficient in what they do.

If you are lost in the dark or don’t know where to start on your healing journey, reach out to me and I will help to lead you in the right direction.

Live. Learn. Grow. Fly. RiseUP!

Kathy the IronButterfly

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