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Let's face it, life is challenging and being human is complicated. Sometimes we get stuck in difficult places and it's not easy to find our way back up. Interestingly, I've never heard anyone complain about being stuck in a happy place. It's always the difficult places that trip us up. 

Struggling through life or getting stuck is not an indicator of weakness, failure of lesser intelligence. At some point it happens to all of us no matter how smart we are, how successful we are or how strong we've been in the past. Going through difficulties, struggling and getting stuck is a part of the human journey. It's okay to be human! 

What's not okay is to merely exist day in and day out in a state of unhappiness, frustration and unfilled dreams. You are meant for more than to just survive on autopilot stuck in a caterpillar mindset that results in continually crawling through life. All of which has a negative impact on our happiness, mental/physical wellbeing, relationships and blocks our path forward. 

Here's the thing. We can't use the same thinking, knowledge, tools and skills to fix what has us crawling and got us stuck in the first place. We need additional knowledge, tools, skills and practice using them to be able to move forward and riseUP. To transform our thinking from a caterpillar mindset (limited existence and defeat) to a butterfly mindset (freedom and victory). 

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly."

-Richard Bach, Illusions


Butterfly Rising Productions (BRP) Transformational Life Coaching Offers a Safe Pathway To:

  • Discover the best in yourself,

  • Become the best of self,

  • Establish purpose and direction,

  • Identify any obstacles in the way,

  • Create strategies to overcome those obstacles,

  • Formulate effective solutions,

  • Reframe the old self-defeating internal narratives and filters,

  • Stop crawling through life (caterpillar mindset), 

  • Develop your wings - experience freedom & victory (butterfly mindset),

  • RiseUP and fly to greater heights of success in life,   

  • Co-create a self and life that you love instead of one you just live in. 


If you or a loved one is experiencing a crisis in urgent need of assistance CLICK HERE

Are there cracks in your foundation? 

No reputable builder would frame out and build a home on top of a foundation that already has cracks in it and expect it to hold the weight. 

Yes, you could try to cover up the old cracks and divert attention away from the foundation by adding some distractions - expensive siding, amazing skylights to the roof, custom windows and an inviting front door. But, every time the winds blow and the storms come, the foundation is under pressure, the old cracks resurface and the foundation crumbles a little more. 


Okay, so you've already tried using a shovel, a sledgehammer, some glue and everything else in your toolshed to fix it yourself. It seems to help temporarily, but then the cracks reappear. At some point, the foundation gives way and the house begins to fall.

Our foundation of self is very much the same way and we all have cracks until we take the time to do the necessary work to build a solid foundation of self that holds up no matter what storms come our way. 


BRP Transformational Life Coaching helps people figure out how to repair the cracks, secure the foundation and riseUP  from the rubble of our life.

Sometimes we just need a little lift to find our way back up again and sometimes we need to rebuild. Either way, as your personal "Transformational Life Coach," I am here to help you figure it out, to add some new life tools, life skills and life support as you get your 2wingsUP and learn how to fly. 

Still not sure? Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation and let's just have a laid back conversation about whatever is on your mind. Click on any butterfly. 

TRANS butterfly-silhouette-clipart_edited.png
TRANS butterfly-silhouette-clipart_edited.png
TRANS butterfly-silhouette-clipart_edited.png

Butterfly Rising Productions

Live Learn Grow Fly RiseUP!

Kathy the IronButterfly

Transformational Life Coach

Communications Strategist

Motivational Speaker & Writer

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