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The Words Begin To Take Form

In 1997, writing went from being a hobby to a profession as I embarked upon ​​a successful career as a published freelance writer, columnist and photojournalist for various magazines and newspapers. I decided to take my diverse writing skills a step further by accepting business clients to assist with their internal and external business communications needs. This endeavor included conceptualizing and producing print media for business collateral, copywriting and direct mail to event planning and other public relations facets.


Moving Towards Excellence 

In 2008, I had an opportunity to attend college and expand my horizons. Of course, I opted for a communications degree. My worst fear was that I would be told my writing ability was subpar. This is the result of the mindset of what I like to call a recovering perfectionist— someone who accepts the fact there is no such thing as perfect, but still strives to achieve it anyway.  Of course, the concern over an inability to write never came to fruition and I can gratefully breathe a sigh of relief! What actually did happen is that I became an honors student with an earned GPA of 3.97 out of 4.00. Life is often filled with many interesting surprises.

​Although I might not always be the first to finish a race, as was the case with my not obtaining a college degree immediately following high school, never underestimate my determination to cross the finish line. When I set out to accomplish something there are no obstacles great enough to detour my objective to perform with a standard of excellence and see a goal through to the end.


In 2010, I graduated with honors from the St. Louis Community College with an Associate in Applied Science Mass Communications  degree. In 2013, I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with an emphasis in the area of public relations. I have been bestowed the additional honors of Phi Theta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa (national honors), Dean's List and Webster University Communications and Journalism departmental honors. Wow, I sure didn't see all that coming!

A New Chapter Begins 

In 2009, I  founded Butterfly Rising Productions, LLC. It was initially created to provide a business name under which my artistry of wordsmithing was formed, shaped and produced. Yet, over the years it has grown and transformed into something far greater than what I could have ever imagined.


When you come to understand the essence of the company name, the pieces in the puzzle all start to fall into place.


Butterfly Rising Productions (BRP) is rooted in a caterpillar-to-butterfly concept as its central theme due the symbolism for growth, change and rebirth— resulting in immense beauty with the remarkable gift and new freedom of flight. Also in 2009, a major transformation of self occured and the rebirth resulted in the IronButterfly. And, BRP became the landing place for IronButterfly Wisdom (IBW) - a series of original written quotes, philosophical musings and creative works that I pen under the moniker “Kathy the IronButterfly” or "The IronButterfly" for short. 

The written and digital works of IronButterfly Wisdom (IBW) are created to engage thought, provoke insight, inspire and motivate others towards growth. The IBW tagline is “Live Learn Grow Fly RiseUP!” If you want to know more about the making of an IronButterfly and Ironbutterfly Wisdom, click here.

Since 2009, the company has expanded from a soul focus on writing endeavors. Butterfly Rising Productions, LLC grew into a strategic communications, public relations and creative services agency that served the communications needs of businesses.  Yet, evolution occurs and things continue to change. 

Butterflies are all about growth and transformation as is Butterfly Rising Productions. Another evolution of self occurred when I decided to strengthen my wings and riseUP higher to another level.

Transformational Life Coaching Officially Takes Flight - RisingUP!
When looking back, it all seems so obvious! Life coaching, providing wise council and helping others to find their place, purpose, path in life, heal and riseUP from the darkness has been my calling, purpose and destiny in the making, all along.


In the last several years, I have been slowly transitioning BRP from offering business-based communications services

to personal communications services (life coaching).  This year, I decided to make it official – meaning to fully make the transition to life coaching and announce publicly that “BRP Transformational Life Coaching” has taken flight.

Though the public announcement didn't take place until 2020, I have been providing life coaching services, quietly working behind the scenes on a person-to-person basis, for more than a decade. In addition, for the last sixteen years, I have been working with a phenomenal mentor and licensed clinical counselor who has been an instrumental influence in my choosing to pursue this field of work.

My primary focus and soul’s purpose is to help others with their personal growth, development and communications needs. I was called to riseUP and I answered the call. At this point I am all in - fully dedicated to using my skills, talents, gifts and communications expertise in direct service to humanity.


Oddly, I seem to have a pattern in life of learning, developing skills, gaining experience by doing the work for years and then, going to get a piece of paper (degree) to prove what I know. So, this should come as no surprise. I am in the process of acquiring some additional certifications and credentialing that are life coach specific to add to my existing A.A.S. and B.A. degrees in communications.

Writing is an innate part of me that I am still deeply passionate about and it will serve an integral tool in coaching others. So, as I go onward and upward, I will continue my writing endeavors within the framework of transformational life coaching. The wordsmith talents I possess will be applied to creating teaching and training materials to be used in coaching sessions for individuals, couples, groups and transformational workshops - I refer to as "IBW Flight Training."

Every new beginning starts with an ending. BRP will be phasing out most all of its business-based communications services over the next year.

Live Learn Grow Fly RiseUP!

How Would Your Bio Read?

​Well, enough about me! Let’s talk about you. What is your passion? What is your vision and mission in life? What drives you to define a standard of excellence in yourself? Last, but not least, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

It's never too late in life to become the person you always wanted to be ...




Although I was born and raised in St. Louis (Missouri) I am fortunate to have had many worldly experiences thanks to my culturally diverse family and Greek lineage. Because

I was exposed to so many unique opportunities I developed a sense of inquisitiveness at an early age along with a greater understanding of the world and the ability to easily embrace the diversity of others.  What a boring life it would be if we all thought in the same way and had identical perspectives.

From the time I can remember, I held a strong desire to express thought through artistic endeavors and the written word. Perhaps some of my more philosophical musings about life can be traced back in ancestry with the likes of Aristotle and Socrates.


Communications and writing truly are an innate passion of mine, which ultimately have become a fulfillment of destiny. 


The Person Behind the Words ...

Kathy Ioannou the IronButterfly, Author of IronButterfly Wisdom, Owner of Butterfly Rising Productions
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