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Helping others


to Greater Heights of Success  

About Us 
Butterfly Rising Productions, LLC is a transformational life coaching, strategic communications and public relations consulting agency helping others riseUP to greater heights of success. The agency is impassioned about serving individuals, small businesses, startups, nonprofit and civic organizations.


Every person and every business (regardless of size, products or services), has a continual need to effectively communicate their message in some form. Butterfly Rising Productions (BRP) provides a vast range of essential communications-based services to help you riseUP to a higher level. 


Grow and Prosper 

Communication is a living entity. It is an ever-evolving metamorphosis of transformation and change. YOU, your brand, company or organization’s ability to grow and prosper depends on how well you are able to effectively communicate with yourself (intrapersonal) and others (interpersonal).

At BRP we assist our clients in defining clear objectives, developing consistent communications and messaging while identifying any roadblocks.  From concepts to solutions, we bring your thoughts to life and give them wings.
Why continue to crawl around as a caterpillar when you were destined to grow and fly.

Effective communication involves far more than merely verbalizing or writing words. BRP develops communications strategies and tactics for everyday life and business operations. We will help you to unite wants and needs with outcomes - giving thoughts and words a guidance system to get the results you desire.  


We don’t adhere to a strategy that one-size-fits-all. All of our services are customized based on your personal growth and development desires or specific type of business, brand, voice and objectives. BRP is here to assist in managing your life albeit personal growth or business growth. 

Our Mission is One of Enthusiasm 

Butterfly Rising Productions is all about an unwavering commitment comprised of ethics, integrity and providing a standard of excellence to meet our client's communications needs. We strive to build long term relationships, not just generate billable hours.

Our business model is founded in the core principals of utilizing the expertise we hold to help others succeed. We are motivated by the opportunity to serve others. Therefore, we become excited by the challenge to help others transform. 


As the owner of the company, it is my personal mission to use the expertise I hold in the communications and coaching fields to help others riseUP to greater heights of success. I take it personally. The success and reputation of my company is a direct reflection of the ability to help others create theirs.


I genuinely look forward to serving you and your business or organization. Together, we can accomplish great things!


Live. Learn. Grow. Fly. RiseUP!


Best regards,
Kathy the IronButterfly

Life Transformation Coach & Communications Strategist

Motivational Speaker & Author 

Owner- Butterfly Rising Productions, LLC

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