When you are a non-profit organization putting on a fundraising event, the desire is to keep marketing costs low while still getting the message out en masse to gain high attendance.


This is a promotional event campaign I conceptualized and developed for a client to meet those objectives. The campaign included the creation of content and design for a digital flyer and event launch web page.

The digital format of the campaign enabled the client to promote the event by placing the direct link in an e-mail or using social channels. 

Additionally, the event flyer itself was formatted in a manner that could either be distributed digitally or via print production.   

Social Media Campaign

As an advocate for animal welfare, I lend my public relations and communcations expertise on a pro bono basis.

In the legal case known as “Save Phineas” I developed a public awareness campaign choosing to use a social media platform as the most effective communication tactic to reach the target audience.

One part of the campaign included taking photos to chronicle an event rally and create a digital album that followers could share. It went viral in only a matter of minutes once it posted on Facebook.

Click the ribbon image below to review the digital album. You can click on the individual photos to see the number of likes, shares and comments each one generated.


The above photo with the text overlay was part of a social media campaign I developed for "Save Phineas." Click here to read a Wall Street Journal article covering his plight. This is just one of more than a dozen articles that hit the press. The story was also covered by local news stations and aired in several segments of Inside Edition.






DISCLAIMER: I produced this video and script for demo purposes only. The spokesperson depicted in the film is not the actual CEO of iTap.

Public Relations Campaign

I scripted and produced this video as part of an internal communications plan for the purpose of announcing the campaign launch to employees. 


Note: Refer to "White Paper" under writing samples for the internal communcations plan or click here.


​​Presentations, Video Production & Scriptwriting

This is a short film parody titled “Media Ethics” that I scripted. It was used as a visual aid to supplement a symposium presentation on the topic of "Issues in Today's Media."

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