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Celebration of  Life  Service

Photos & Videos

For those who where there.  For those who were not. For those who wish to cherish the memories.

Let the celebration continue ... 

Outdoors after the memorial service.

Gathering for the balloon release.

Life celebrant, Pat Rankin, sharing a message of love before the release.

Moments before the big send off.

Up ...

Up ...

And, away. Weeeeee!

And, away. Weeeeee!

Steve & Jeff

Steve & Jeff

Stan, Don & Ed

Calvin & Carol

Lisa, Mom & Armand

Bob, John, Randy, Ferd

Mellie-Mel, Jim & Linda

Cat, Mom & Mei

Memorial Table 1: Floral/Candles Representing Family, Urns, Bio, Cypriot & American flag.

Honoring pop's this day by wearing his favorite blue vest.

Mom & Yvonne

Mom & Tom

Second memorial table.

Deme, Bryan, Michael & Cat

Jeri, Robert & Bobbie

Chuckie-Poo photo bomb.

Mom, J.R. & Me

Me & J.R.

Michael & Cat

Kelley, John & David

Kelley, John & David

Warmest thanks to Morgan with Baue Memorial Services for the butterfly balloons.

Memorial Table 3: Photos, Tree of Simos Quotes & Mr. Fix-It bucket.

Michael, Brent & Evan

Cary, Ryan & Ron

Tina, Sue & Mary

Brent & Evan

Deme, Bryan & Cat

Deme & Bryan

Kelley, Mom, Darren, Brent & David

Michael, Cat, Deme, Katie, Evan & Helen

Cat, Deme, Katie, Evan & Helen

Yvonne, Libbey & Bobbie

Kelley, Mom, Mei, David, Chuckie-Poo, Brent and Darren

We Love You Pop's -
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Memorial Service Video Part 1 of 2

Memorial Service Video Part 2 of 2

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