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Mastering the Climb of Self

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Even if we have never actually climbed a mountain or know someone who has – we all have a basic understanding of what it might entail.

First, they would PICK a mountain.

Next, PLAN and chart a course to get to the top.

Then, PREPARE – gain additional knowledge, increase skills and pack up all the tools that will be needed along the way to help them get there.

Of course, things in life rarely ever go 100% according to plan. The climb will not be a direct linear path to traverse. It is inevitable that the mountain climber will meet resistance and unforeseen obstacles on the rise up.

Hence, every mountain climber must not only have a want to get to the top, but also a willingness to find alternate paths, adjust to conditions not planned for, look for options when the path is blocked, develop work arounds and put them into play.

There will be moments when the climber will slip, stumble or even fall and get scuffed up along the way. It happens and knowing how to tend to those wounds are part of the tools necessary. No matter how many stumbles or falls, at some point one has to figure out how to get back up and keep moving.

During a climb, there are only ever two choices, go back down to where they started from or keep ascending upward. When things get challenging and they will, the climber must rule over thoughts of self-doubt, frustration and/or defeat, in order to stay the course, push forward and reach the summit.

As one climbs the mountain, if their eyes are always focused on the summit, what will happen?

The climber would certainly trip, stumble, fall and lose their way. It is also easy to get discouraged when you keep looking at how far away you are from where you want to be. Only looking at the end result from a perception of how far there still is to go, creates more challenges to overcome. We can become overwhelmed and start telling ourselves things like it’s going to be too hard, I am not strong enough, I can’t do this.

Though the ultimate objective is to reach the summit, the masterful climber keeps eyes focused on the path and the few steps in front of them while holding onto the internal vision of how amazing it is going to be and feel once they get there. The internal vision fuels the excitement while the present focus creates the pathway.

Welcome to Mastering the Climb of Self. Set yourself up for success.

And, so it is the same with us as we work towards our higher self and reaching our goals. Each of our goals is that proverbial mountain we want to get to the top of and celebrate the success of our accomplishment.

No one just accidently discovers their best/highest self and goals aren’t accomplished by chance. Both are accomplished by choice plus continued effort. Everyone has a want for something better about themselves and their lives, but many are not willing to do the work it takes to actually get to the summit (highest point).

First, PICK - Decide on a goal (a mountain to climb).

Next, PLAN - create a plan and chart a course of how you will reach that end goal and a timeline for it. Break the journey into smaller goalposts to reach and set dates to accomplish it. When you complete one goalpost, define then next one and set a date for it. Creating a plan also includes devising strategies to hold yourself accountable each day.

Then, PREPARE - Gain additional knowledge, increase skills and put together all the tools that will be needed to get there. This includes preparing a First Aid Kit - what you will do to get back up if you stumble, fall or get discouraged.

Of course, it's not easy. There will be obstacles, challenges, slips, falls, setbacks and frustrations on the journey. If we really want to reach our summit, we must be willing to do the work to overcome those things that will get in the way and try to stop us.

Will you give up and quit when things get challenging or will you keep going? Again, when you go on a journey to riseUP to greater things there are only two directions from which to choose – go back down to where you started from or keep pressing forward on an ascent. If you quit, you have nothing more than where you already are. Yet, you decided at the onset of the journey, where you are is no longer where you want to be.

In contrast, if you keep going, you have a chance to get to the top. Even if for some reason you don’t make it in the amount of time you had hoped– you are still closer than when you started. Keep going . . .

Take a breath, rest for a minute, regroup and keep putting one foot in front of the other. It's not a giant leap, it is a series of small steps at a time.

Don’t keep looking at the top and focusing on how far you still have to climb. Instead, think about why you wanted to take this journey in the first place and what it will mean to arrive there.

Stay the course, keep your focus one the few steps ahead and keep going. Every once in a while, it's okay to take a moment to look back and remind yourself how far you have already come. Every step forward counts. Celebrate the victories no matter how small! It’s not one whole mountain at a time. It is a few steps at a time on your way up.

It is not by one giant leap, one choice or in one day that we get there. It is a process and series of small individual steps and many choices that add up over days. So, for each day, choose to focus only on those things you can do in the hours ahead.

When you are at a crossroad, run into an obstacle, are in doubt or have choices to make, ask yourself “What best aligns with my highest self, my deepest desires and long-term goal(s) to get to the summit of the mountain I chose to climb?" Then, move forward accordingly. It is by one step at a time that you will riseUP to greater heights. Carpe Diem! Kathy Ioannou the IronButterfly

Transformational Life Coach

Communications Strategist

Motivational Writer and Speaker

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