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LIFE is one TOUGH MUDDER, isn't it!

LIFE is one TOUGH MUDDER, isn’t it! How do YOU navigate through the muck of life and not get stuck- not just survive all the hard knockdowns and obstacles, but riseUP to take the victory from defeat?

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to walk you through the obstacle course of life, deal with all the knockdowns, struggles and hone your skills in a way to overcome whatever is in your way. To steer you onto the path of personal victory. Yesssss!

WELCOME TO LIFE COACHING Just as an athletic Coach is trained and skilled to develop athletes and bring out the best in them - a "Life Coach" is trained and skilled to develop people and areas of their life to bring out the best in them. Doing an actual Mudder Race is optional. Lol

Every high performing athlete in sports has an athletic Coach to guide and build them up towards success. So, why not have a "Life Coach" that can do the same for our personal lives. A Life Coach serves as a pathway to answers and solutions. They serve to empower us in ways to successfully navigate through life.

Life Coaching is all about being supported in the process of figuring out and learning how to navigate, cope, manage and rise above whatever comes at us in life. And, celebrate the victories no matter how great or how small!

There are times when we will find ourselves feeling lost, stuck in a rut, hitting a brick wall and/or just can't seem to figure out how to move forward from where we are. Getting unstuck is definitely when a “Life Coach” can prove to be an invaluable asset. Two are better than one.

LIFE AS A TEAM SPORT Every one of us can gain a leg up from having someone to enhance our forward growth, advance our life, identify problem areas and develop strategies (a playbook) for our achievements and successful outcomes. Winning!

"Life Coaching" is a cohesive partnership between Coach and Client. It's like having your own personal trainer, encourager, cheerleader, mentor, teacher, confidante and accountability partner to support you in getting across whatever finish line or life goal post you are wanting.

And, helping you figure out what, if anything, is hindering or blocking your progress from achieving it while offering a guidance system in developing strategies for your success.

WHAT DOES A COACHING SESSION LOOK LIKE A "Life Coaching Session" simply consist of a laid back, open conversation between you and another person (Coach) which has a purpose beyond idol chit-chat. It also includes a safe space in which you are free to share whatever is on your mind in a confidential manner.

More than a friend who is merely willing to listen to us vent - a Life Coach is actually trained, skilled and experienced in active/reflective listening, powerful questioning, other communications skills and coaching techniques to work with people on developing their life skills, find direction, overcome obstacles, devise strategies and action plans to move the client forward in his or her desired direction.

Coaching sessions can take place in-person, in an over the phone conversation or via a video conferencing app such as Zoom, What's App, FB Messenger Video conferencing and so on.

QUALIFICATIONS & TRAINING Be advised - Though this will likely change in the not too distant future, currently in the USA, anyone can claim to be or call themselves a "Life Coach." There are no state standards or licensing requirements. A bit scary isn't it!

There ARE SAFEGUARDS in place. A "Life Coach" who is certified and trained via *ICF standards is trained and skilled in foundational principles, ethics, standards, competencies, best practices, base formulas, methodologies, techniques and strategies that apply in facilitating people to get from point A (where they are) to point B (where they want to be). All of which can and should be customized and fine-tuned to meet each client's needs and desired outcome.

The above-mentioned foundational principles, methodologies and techniques are not just woo-woo or made up. It is backed up by and rooted in behavioral sciences, neuroscience, life sciences, communications, psychology, human development, motivational and organizational behavior, etc.

WHY HIRE A LIFE COACH So, what subjects do "Life Coaching and Life Coaches" cover? Simply stated, anything that relates to your life, a life event, life transition or life in general. Of course, there are Coaches who also choose to focus on a specific niche or area of life.

Below are just a few examples for a reason someone would seek out and benefit from a *qualified "Life Coach."

  • Improve Communications/Relationships (work, personal, partner, marriage, children)

  • Self Development (become your best self)

  • Self- Discovery (purpose; who you are to who you are meant to be)

  • Self Improvement

  • Life Improvement

  • Life Transitions (career change, retirement, relationships change, divorce, loss, grief)

  • Resiliency (fall down 7 times, get back up 8)

  • Wellness (weight loss, better health habits, reduce stress/anxiety)

  • Personal Empowerment (successfully navigating your life)

  • Creating Happiness, Peace, Joy (develop positive thoughts & habits)

  • Creating Boundaries (learn how to set personal boundaries and hold the line)

  • Mindfulness (to be fully present, instead of just going through the motions of life.)

  • Spiritual Discovery, Growth and Development (connecting to your higher self)

  • Organization & Time Management

  • Goal Setting & Achieving Outcomes

  • Money Management

  • Getting Unstuck: Feel stuck or in a rut. Have tried and tried to do something and never seem to get there (jobs, relationships, personal change). A Coach can help you identify the blocks and limiting beliefs and repeating cycles/themes that have you stuck - continuing to create negative/unwanted results and then, devise effective strategies to overcome those obstacles.

The list goes on . . .

MY COACHING STYLE & FRAMEWORK My coaching style is simply this. As your personal "Life Coach," I serve to facilitate your personal or business growth and ability to create a self, personal life and/or business life that you love and not just one you exist in. To riseUP to greater heights of success in life.

Areas of specialty I hold are in "Transformational Life Coaching, Strategic Communications and Spiritual Coaching. TRANSFORM from a CATERPILLAR MINDSET (limited vision and abilities - crawling through life hitting obstacles and getting stuck in the muck) to a BUTTERFLY MINDSET (higher vision and abilities - seeing the bigger picture and having the abilities to riseUP over the obstacles).

MY QUALIFICATIONS My alphabet soup of professional education, training and degrees are: AAS, BA, CLC, CSC

AAS - Associate of Applied Science in Communications degree BA - Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree CLC - ICF Accredited Certified Life Coach (Completion in Sept 2022) CSC - ICF Accredited Certified Spiritual Coach (Completion in Sept 2022)

As the business owner of "Butterfly Rising Productions" I also hold over 14-years of professional experience in the communications field - working with individuals, businesses and organizations to overcome obstacles, grow, expand and riseUP to greater heights of success.

The IronButterfly credo is this:

Live Learn Grow Fly RiseUP!

If there's something more you would like to know or have questions about, please feel free ask. I'd be happy to help.

It's time to RiseUP! Kathy Ioannou the IronButterfly Communications Strategist

Transformational Life Coach Public Relations Practitioner Motivational Writer and Speaker

*Qualified is important! ICF is the acronym for the "International Coaching Federation. ICF is recognized and revered as the gold standard and governing body for the coaching industry worldwide. Seek out a "Life Coach" who has been trained and certified by ICF accredited standards.

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