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When Our Ship Comes In

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

By Kathy Ioannou the IronButterfly

When our ship comes in . . .

Ohhh, how often we forget or even fail to understand this is not our home. We are NOT citizens of the earth. Just mere travelers passing through on borrowed time. The journey isn’t about finding ourselves —it is about remembering who we are and why we came.

Though we all know one day our ship will come in, many of us live blindly as if we just began. Busying our lives with far too many meaningless things, caught up in frivolity instead of harvesting seeds. Often quarreling with one another over such petty, ridiculous things. My spirit grieves the wasted time . . .

The years pass quickly —how will we account for the time we were gifted in all we have done, said or failed to do. What will our legacy become? Will it be one of hate, discontent and pride or one of love, humility and countless hearts won.

There will be a day we look back to realize how short the distance is —that brief space between how we began and how we end. For every one of us our ship one day will come in. The exact date and hour of our departure, never for sure known. Yet, it comes for each one of us when it is our designated time to return home.

Before then, how many miles will we travel lost and alone through the desert in our flesh. How many footprints can we count in the sand? Will we continue to spend our time here wandering aimlessly among all the lost, broken pieces and ideas of man. There is something so far greater and beyond our short sightedness of human terms.

Some choose not to believe in higher things, but that will never change the intended plan.

There is a place beyond the physical body for our souls that is far above or below this land.

Will we riseUP to find our way back home or will we fail to evolve —leaving nothing more than sand on the shore, when our ship finally comes in . . .

Live. Learn. Grow. Fly.

RiseUp and shine on, my friends, Kathy the IronButterfly 🦋✨

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