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IronButterfly Projects

Warrior Boot Camp Series

The IronButterfly "Warrior Boot Camp" series makes its official debut in 2020. Warrior boot camp as I refer to it, certainly wasn't anything that I knowingly signed up for. Apparently I was recruited and drafted into training for a war and a fight beyond what I even knew could exist. I went through four to five years of unrelenting storms that took over my life with one major crisis after another. These things were not consequences of my choices, but circumstances of which were beyond my control. The darkness (the enemy) came and attacked me with an unrelenting fierceness. I barely had enough time to breath before the next crisis/storm struck. Living my life during that time would have killed most anyone else, but I was still standing. So, I had to ask myself, what is the bigger picture and purpose for this. Last year, the answer finally became clear. The IronButterfly was rising up to another level of truth, knowledge, wisdom and greater understanding. I have been called once again to share the wisdom gained with all of you.

Warrior for Light Series

The IronButterfly "Warrior for Light" also makes its official debut in 2020. This series provides a more in-depth focus on teaching and helping others to recognize the darkness for what it is.

We cannot win the fight if we fail to see the enemy. Gaining knowledge unaccompanied by the gift of discernment is of little use. Lack of discernment is akin to quenching our thirst with poison while under the false illusion that it is clean water.

Darkness is the great deceiver and biggest threat to us all. An often unseen enemy with the power to destroy anyone and anything good in its path. Strategically cunning in its attacks with the malicious intent to stop us from rising up. Darkness knows our weaknesses and our deepest pains. The enemy uses these things to grind us to a halt — leaving us lost, wounded, hopeless and defeated in the storm.

The good news is "light" wins the battle every time. We must learn how to recognize the "true" enemy and how to fight with the light so that we can win.

Nature Series

The IronButterfly "Nature" series began in 2014. Humans seem to forget that despite our evolution we are still part of the animal kingdom. We are not separate from nature and animals. We are an amalgam of it.

There is a fusion of unity between us— one simply does not exist without the other. When we tune in and reawaken this connection, it is like having a key that unlocks the door to an enchanted world of knowledge.

Making a concerted effort to say tuned into nature becomes a gateway of opportunity to discover many interesting life lessons. The “IronButterfly Wisdom Nature Series” is a compilation of insightful short stories I have written based on those personal encounters. It is truly incredible what we can learn from things going on around us when we take the time to move past the superficial surface of our own existence. Take a moment out of your day to enjoy a life lesson from a dog.

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